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    Research Methods for Everyday Life, ISBN No. 978-93-91903-58-9
    Emerging Trends in Higher Education, ISBN No. 978-93-91903-29-9
    Issues and Challenges on Corona virus pandemic-COVID 19, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-33-4
    Covid 19: An Inculcation to Next Generation, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-36-5
    Importance of Digital Education In India, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-37-2
    Relationship Between Agriculture and Industry, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-38-9
    Entrepreneurship Empowerment In India, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-39-6
    Hindi Yug Ka Punarjanam (हिन्दी युग का पुनर्जन्म), ISBN No. 978-93-89522-40-2
    Virtual Teaching In India During Lockdown, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-41-9
    Global Financial Crisis After Lock Down, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-42-6
    Ethics and Writing (Book), ISBN No. 978-93-89522-43-3
    Importance of Motivational Classes, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-44-0
    Government Policies In 2020-21, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-45-7
    Responsibilities of Women During Lockdown, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-34-1
    Minimalism : A New Lifestyle Statement, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-35-8
    Economic Growth of America and India, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-46-4
    Sustainable Development of Technology and Management, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-47-1
    Rural Development Policies In India, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-48-8
    World Class Future Leadership:2020-21, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-49-5
    Training and Development: Communicating The Importance For Better Employee Performance, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-54-9
    Synthesis, Characterization of S-Triazine Derivatives and Evaluation of their Pharmacological Activity, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-55-6
    Impact of Marketing and Sales Strategy Alignment on the Organizational Performance -
    A Study on Pharmaceutical Industry SMEs in India, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-56-3

    New Trends for Effective Teaching Learning In Present Scenario,
    ISBN No. 978-93-89522-57-0

    A Comparative Study on the theme of East West Encounter In Indo Anglian Literature, ISBN No. 978-93-89522-58-7